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Filestube Alternative Sites

Filestube is one of the many search engine sites that you can find on the internet. There are various sites that provide the same services. Providing videos, films and movies that can be streamed or downloaded by visitors. For a person with an interest in videos this site is a big help and handy when searching for movies. To some this are opportunities to promote or share their videos with others and can sometimes lead to a great opportunity to be known or discover. Here are some of the best video search engine sites you can find on the internet.

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Alluc is a search engine site founded on September 2006 and started by collecting popular videos to be categorized and posted on one site. Now Alluc upgraded their site and still improving and modifying for a more user friendly usage with various sites and hosters to choose and browse. It is highly recommended for video streaming and downloading.

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FileDiva is a site that is a file meta search engine that is like other search engine you can browse videos, films and movies with no registration needed.


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Filesloop is a torrent meta search engine that give opportunities to share files through file hosting and through torrent.



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Dailymotion is a video sharing site was founded in the year March 2005 and is one of the largest video browser for video developers by developers.


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Metacafe is a video sharing site which focuses in short form entertainment videos and was founded July 2003. The site became an advertising site for many companies.


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Bing is also known as Live Search, MSN Search or Windows Live Search is a first introduce in 1998 as MSN Search and was revealed by Microsoft as Bing in May 2009.


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Vimeo was founded on November 2004 and the word Vimeo was a mixture of the word “video” and “me”.



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Hulu has introduced in March 2007 and was announced to the public on March 2008 for public use. The name Hulu came from the Chinese words meaning “bottle gourd” and “interactive recording”.


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Blinkx in an was founded in 2004 as a toolbar for browsing web that’s usually based on videos and in December 2004 it was introduced as a video search engine.


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LiveLeak is a video sharing site that is based on UK founded on October 2006 and one of the controversial site on the web.



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Youtube was founded on February 2005 and bought in 2006 by Google. YouTube is the most famous video search engine, but with limited streaming of videos and movies.


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Google Videos former Google Video was founded January 2005 and was added to the Google Chrome toolbar.